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Married Young & Renewing Vows - A story!

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This is my husband and I on our wedding day in 2011.

Almost 5 years ago I came onto this website because I was 18 and I wanted to marry my High School sweetheart. I asked for decorating advice, that’s all. Instead, I got NOVELS from people telling me I was stupid, that I was naive & ignorant and that I WOULD be getting a divorce.  People giving me life advice, instead. I just wanted help with my colors.


I was bombarded with dozens of replies like this:


"LOL... I hope this is MUD.

If not, I’ll be laughing at you when you come running back in a few months crying about your divorce.

"Is this MUD? Otherwise... you are a stupid little girl and will be disappointed with your divorce in two months time."

"Stupid bitch, this website is for REAL brides, not High Schoolers in puppy love. You don't love him. Give it a year and you'll see we're all right."

"If he isn't already cheating on you, he will. Men your age cheat and are not ready for the commitment. Neither are you. Call it off while you can."

"This has got to be a troll, LOL!!!!"

The awful things people were saying to me made me cry. They made me upset because I was being cyber bullied by a bunch of brides who I incorrectly assumed would help me with color choices but instead called me and my husband names. I'd been in love with him for four years; we could not picture ourselves with anyone else.

We got married. I picked plum, tangerine and maroon for my fall wedding colors. It was beautiful.  We laughed the whole night, we cried, we got pizza in our tux & gown at 3 in the morning because we could. It was the best day of my life.

Yep, getting married at 18 and moving out together is hard. We had times we ate ramen and we had times we didn’t use heating in our apartment because we couldn’t afford it. We used to spend $100 a MONTH on groceries. We got chunky together and got fit together. He held me through all of the doctor visits that eventually turned into a Crohn’s diagnosis. We supported one another through shitty entry jobs and cheered one another on when we got promotions or found something better. We built a life together from the bottom up. No matter the struggle, the one thing that was always easy was the love we have for one another.

We just celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We did so with buying our first home together. We do cartwheels down the halls. We hang our pictures on the wall and reminisce about just how far we've come. We still can’t picture ourselves with anyone else. We still love one another unconditionally, and most importantly we never once thought of divorcing.

Actually, we are planning our vow renewal for our 5 year anniversary. We want to laugh, and cry, and get pizza in our tux & gown at 3 in the morning because we can. I want a second best day of my life… and a third, and a fourth every 5 years for the rest of our lives.

I just wanted to come here and tell you all that love comes in all shapes, sizes and AGES.

Be kind to one another.

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    I applaud you honey !!! Way to go !!!

    Those negative comments are just miserable people with nothing to do with their own time or just doubting the sanctity of their own marriage. Their husbands probably cheated before/after they got married and that's their way of venting about it. I've stated over and over and over on here , the way SOME people talk to others on here is pure ridiculous but I was told that I needed to suck it up or maybe WeddingBee is for me. No one wanted to believe that people on here can be very rude and disrespectful , it's not everyone like i said it is SOME people.

    The fact that you and your hubby are going on year 5 shows that no matter how young you may be love is LOVE !! You can find love at 18 and have it until eternity . People act as though that's not how it was back in the day. Women married young and raised a family and lived happily ever after with their husbands. 

    The way society is now is SCARY!! There are people in their 40-50s still cheating so what's the difference in age have to do with anything. You found a man who was made for you and you decided to spend the rest of your life with him. To me, that is WONDERFUL ! Continue to thrive forward and build your life. 

    I am 22 years old (freshly 22) and I could not imagine living my life without my fiance. She is my world. I've been questioned big time, especially being that its a same sex marriage but my love is my love and I LOVE HER unconditionally . So I can see where you are coming from. CONGRATULATIONS again sweetie and I wish you and your DH all the best!!!
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