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Anyone used the "Wedding Website" feature on The Knot?

Trying to decide if it's really worth the effort or not to put it together for our February 2016 wedding.


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Re: Wedding Websites

  • I have made one for us but haven't made it public because there is still so long before our actual wedding (Oct 2017).  I will say I have used other peoples' sites quite a bit.  We recently went to a wedding out of town and the information/registry access was SO helpful!
  • I have set ours up and plan to include the website address on our save the dates and possibly our invitations.  I have links to all of the hotel block information on the website so it will be a useful tool for guests who need to book hotel rooms.  I think there is also an option for guests to rsvp through your wedding website.  I don't think that is something I will completely rely on for rsvp's but will probably offer it for guests who wish to respond that way.
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  • Out of excitement last fall when we first got engaged I spent time trying to make it perfect. I went back to it a couple months later and felt like everything was off and it came across as trying too hard so I ended up deleting all the content and have left it since. I think my fiancé and i fall into a place where the family we're inviting still prefer mail/phone calls and just overall are not completely up on the internet. and then our friends would just send a text or message over facebook to someone in the wedding party.  
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  • We used  to help us plan our wedding in Goa. They are definitely worth the money! Everything was arranged at the highest level.

    @KnotRiley sounds like a vendor to me.
  • We used the wedding website through TK.

    We had a fair number of OOT guests, so we included hotel information, as well as a map that listed the location of the two hotel blocks we had, the venue, and the 2 airports guests could potentially fly into. We also had a tab with "things to do" in the city and surrounding area. 

    Never required, but I like websites, and I'll take the time to read them. 
  • I moved this post to Knottie Tech Help since it's a bit more appropriate than Attire and Accessories. :)

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