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Greatest Wedding Planner!

I had to give a tip to all the brides-to-be out there...It’s difficult for me to succinctly explain how essential Monique at ‘A Signature Wedding’ was to my special day.  When I became engaged, I knew the wedding planner would be the most important element to nail: after all- they are the ones that orchestrate your ceremony and reception, and recommend all of the various venders that execute your vision! Plus, if they are good at their job, they keep you calm and manage everything behind the scenes so that you don’t see any of the hiccups that inevitably happen!  As a stressed, perfectionist bride, I did my fair share of interviews with planners.  Meeting after meeting, I left feeling the same: that I was being fit into a package formula that included X number of phone calls, and X number of emails included in the service… Considering that you go into wedding planning knowing NOTHING about the industry, I worried that I would be left scrambling to “figure it out” myself if I exceeded my “allotted communication”.

When I initially spoke with Monique, she immediately demonstrated her know how and provided guidance to me, despite the fact that it was just a consultation.  I could tell that she was a businesswoman, yes, but more so that she was incredibly passionate about what she does, and takes great pride in making every bride feel like her number one priority.

The remaining eight months since I booked Monique until my wedding day, that is exactly how I felt.  Her “month of” package is really a misnomer—she worked steadily with me for three quarters of a year to make sure that every decision was made in a timely fashion, to my satisfaction, with precision.  Even when we had a lull in decision making deadlines, she checked in to keep me on track, and updated me religiously with helpful checklists and spreadsheets so I felt in control of the process.  When I had to choose vendors like chair rentals, florals, or bands, Monique didn’t just “phone it in” and send me to her #1 contact. Instead she researched various options based on my budget and tastes, and provided me with comprehensive bids from companies.  I never lifted a finger (or the phone), because Monique had everything handled and then handed to me for my simple approval! For instance, when I discovered that the ‘preferred florists’ on my hotel site’s vendor list were double my flower budget, Monique hooked me up with an amazing florist and secured me a personal discount so that I could get the flowers of my dreams for half of what comparable companies were quoting!  When I was considering cutting chiffon chair drapes from my budget because they typically run $10/chair, Monique found a tiny shop in downtown LA that would do it for $2! 

Monique is extremely organized and professional. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that ‘she’s on top of it’.  In addition, she’s incredibly kind and generous. When my future mother and sister in laws decided they needed help with the rehearsal dinner, Monique allowed us to add on to our planning package an incredibly fair amount, and she completely took over to relieve their stress as well! She goes above and beyond, which is a sign of hard work, but she also anticipates your needs, which is a sign of talent.  My now husband who does a lot of executive hiring agrees that finding someone in a support position who ‘knows what you need before you do’ is incredibly valuable and rare. There aren’t enough words to express how happy I am with Monique’s service—I truly LUCKED OUT in finding someone that made my wedding preparations, and day, easy and fun! 

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