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OBX budget wedding

Hey all!  I am new to the knot and curious if anyone has any recommendations for an affordable wedding venue in the Outer Banks.  We are paying for the wedding ourselves and have a HUGE family.  I know everyone says the best way to cut costs is to cut the guest list, but that is not an option for us.  In my "perfect world" (HAHA) we could find an affordable venue that would allow us to bring in our own caterer.  I know, not likely, but any suggestions would be much appreciated!  Thanks!!!

Re: OBX budget wedding

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    You posted this exact same question yesterday and the post was moved to your local board to help you get better responses. Why are you posting it again?

    Image result for someecard betting someone half your shit youll love them forever
  • 1.  Your original post was moved to the regional board for that area because you were posting specifically about venues in a particular region of a particular state.  The budget board is a global board.  I had to look up exactly what "outer banks" was referring to - the outer banks of what?  I've never been there.

    2.  You're likely not going to get good specific information if you don't provide your specific constraints.  How large is large?  Does it need to hold 150?  300?  500?  How affordable is affordable?  One person's "affordable" may be another person's "way too far out of their budget."  What other attributes does it have to have?  The information you get is only as good as the information you give and you've given nothing except for vague notions of "huge" and "afforadable."

    3.  If you would like general budget advice, then some good ways to cut your costs are:

    *Trim your guest list (yes, you can - you don't WANT to, but that's doesn't mean you really can't do it - people will live)

    *Have a daytime wedding during an off meal time and serve cake and punch (so 2pm ceremony, cake and punch afterwards, have everyone on their merry way by 5pm so they can get home to eat dinner or go out to eat afterwards)

    *If you insist on a full meal, brunch or lunch are almost always cheaper than dinner

    *Look at catering through delis or restaurants - they will almost always be cheaper than independent catering companies

    *Do sheetcakes from a mom & pop bakery or Costco instead of an elaborately decorated tiered cake

    *Cut everything else so you can allocate more to your venue and catering budget - skip or minimize the flowers and decor, check out craiglist or consignment shops for a used dress or shop for white (or any other color) dresses at regular department stores for a more casual wedding, opt to honeymoon later and use whatever money was going towards that towards your reception, skip any favors you were planning to do

    *As far as venues, look at local parks, VFWs, Lion's Clubs, community centers, restaurants with banquet rooms.  For less conventional places that might offer a deal - high school auditoriums, movie theaters, fairgrounds, regular theatres, museums, libraries, conservatories.  Also any place where businesses might hold conferences or job fairs or any large meeting space - most universities have spaces they rent out, convention centers, lecture halls, casinos.
  • OBX is a vacation spot. Do you actually live there? Even if it's not a tropical island if everyone has to travel that is still considered a destination wedding and in that case it will be difficult to pull off on a small budget. PP mentioned afternoon cake and punch reception but if I'm driving a long way, have to rent a house (not many hotels in Outer Banks) I'm going to be pissed to watch your ceremony, have a slice of cake and that's it.

  • Not really sure how to navigate through this website yet...sorry!  Like I said, I'm new here and still trying to figure everything out!!
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