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I found my dream dress.  The dress is a little outside of my price range.  Since I'm paying for my dress on my own, and being plus-sized, getting the most flattering dress was extremely important.  However, I'm afraid that after alterations it will cost almost double my budget.  I'd have to buy a dress to fit my hips and get the rest of the dress taken in and I need some advice on the cost of alterations.  I want to be knowledgeable so that I'm not taken advantage of by the alterations department.


Re: Dress Alterations

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    Honestly, it'll be more important to buy based on your largest size than just hoping and praying it'll be close enough for no alterations.

    I had to buy my dress to fit my bust (my largest measurement) and then had it taken in as needed.

    Between hemming, the bustle, taking it in and some other minor adjustments, I paid around $175 in alterations.

    Is there a way you can cut your budget elsewhere like in shoes or accessories? Feeling beautiful in your dress is important and it sounds like you've found the right one for you - but finding a quality seamstress is also important too. This isn't the right place to cheap out.

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    I think it depends on the dress -- is it lace, for example? Lace is super hard to alter. I had the seamstress build in lace sleeves and it ran almost 900 bucks, and she said that if we'd hemmed it the price would have been similar because of all the lace detail work! So pick your fabric carefully.

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