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Rehearsal Dinner check...almost! (venting)

After gathering information over the last few weeks in an effort to get this checked off my list I FINALLY got my fiance on board and agreeing to the place I thought would be best for the rehearsal dinner.  (There is another restaurant where he had always wanted to have it, to which I had no objection until I found out they would require a minimum of 40 people which we would not meet, and that they restrict you to the most expensive menu on Friday and Saturday evening.  What a ripoff, when there was somewhere else at a better price that was more flexible!  Thank goodness fiance also saw it that way, despite his disappointment.)  After I made my convincing argument, fiance still needed more information and wanted to see the banquet room before we reserved it.  Grr men!

Then, since we and his parents wanted for them to host the dinner, we made plans to go out for dinner with them and discuss everything when they returned from two weeks out of town.  We finally got together with them last night, and after we shared the information they generously agreed to host the dinner and I got the green light to get back in touch with the restaurant and reserve the banquet room.

This morning I sent an e-mail to the lady I had spoken with and I'm just waiting on a response, and I've been antsy all day!  I know I'd be getting bridezilla-ish to sweat about it, since we are choosing this restaurant because we got good vibes all around when talking to the staff to get the information, and because we are still eight months out and they said their calendar was still almost totally clear next year, but I'd hate for them to turn out to be one of those places that isn't responsive after their "sales pitch" has succeeded where I wind up back at square one.  Don't you hate it when vendors don't get back to you right away?
Whoever said it was supposed to be happily ever after is a big fat liar.
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