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I am looking for some suggestions on shoes for my bridesmaids.  I am doing the same dress, but mismatched spring/pastel colors.  The dresses are long, so you won't really see the shoes except for when they are walking down the aisle.  I don't want them to have to buy expensive shoes if you won't see them for too long, but do I have them all at least wear the same color?  I am really struggling with this!

Re: Bridesmaids Shoes For Wedding

  • Think back to the last wedding you attended.  Do you recall the shoe color of the bridesmaids?  (especially if they were in long dresses).
  • Ditto PPs. Let them pick their shoes, no matter whatever color or style as long as it fits their budgets and comfort levels.
  • I really don't understand why when there are so many legitimate things to worry about for a wedding that brides worry about what shoes their bridesmaids are going to wear... I couldn't tell you if mine were wearing heels or flats or what color they were.. it didn't matter.

    So congrats you just found something else you can check off your list because you don't need to worry about this!
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  • Ditto PPs.  I have no idea what shoes my BMs wore and I just got married in October.  They were in long dresses.  You cannot see their shoes in a single one of our 700 professional photos.  Do not worry about this - tell them to wear whatever shoes they feel comfortable in and that you trust their style/judgment.

  • I had short dresses and it still didn't matter. Literally the only shoes that anyone even remotely noticed were my husbands. He wore his dad's cowboy boots.
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    If you want to choose a color for the shoes, that's one thing, but choosing matchy-matchy shoes, just NO!  I have enough problems finding shoes that fit, having to wedge my size 12W's (or 11WW) into a designated shoe - just NO!  Now, tell me I need a silver shoe, I'll find something to get the job done that I'll feel comfortable wearing all day/night that fits my shoe budget.  Focus on your BM's comfort and insist they choose a shoe that they can feel comfortable wearing all day/evening long!!!
  • Mismatched pastels sounds lovely. And to that end, it will probably be hard to pick the same color for all of them that would work for all of them (perhaps white or nude).
    I agree with PPs that odds are you can tell them to do whatever shoe they want and it will work out well.
    If they are begging for guidelines maybe say "any shoe in white, nude, or that you think compliments your own dress color well." and call it a day.

  • If you choose a specific shoe, you'd need to pay for it. You can't require your BMs to buy a specific shoe regardless of whether it's cheap or expensive.

    If you really want them to wear the same color, it's fine to say any nude or any white shoe. But really, even that doesn't matter. 
  • I can get maybe wanting the girls to wear the same color shoes. Because even with them having long dresses, depending on how they have their dresses hemmed (unless the same person hems all the dress) their shoes could be seen in photos and when walking down the isle. With the variety of colors doing a metallic color or even white since it's spring would look great. If you give your girls just a color, that gives them the freedom to get whatever style they are comfortable in be it flats or 4 inch heels. Also just going with a color gives them the control over how much they decide to spend. And heck you can even ask your BM which they would prefer out of metallic, white or nude. They may each already have shoes in a certain color and then they won't even have to buy new shoes.
  • All of my bridesmaids asked me about what shoes I wanted to them to wear and I simply told them "your dancing shoes will work best." And if they pried "any neutral shoe will look great, my dear."
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