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Jason Canaan-Infotainment-Carefully Vet this Vendor

This vendor came highly recommended. While there were some unfavorable reviews, the recommendations/other reviews trumped negative feedback that I read. I should have researched further-let me share with you the facts:

For two weeks prior to the wedding, Jason would not send the schedule of events. We did not receive until the morning of the wedding-it was incorrect and we had no time to correct prior to the ceremony. Jason did not arrive prior to the ceremony time to set-up, as outlined in his contract. He did not arrive until after the ceremony was scheduled to start (he “overslept” for a 4PM wedding). The ceremony was delayed around 60 minutes. Jason was dressed in gym shorts (which would have been OK if he had been on time to set up --he would have had time to change into appropriate attire for the ceremony and reception). He declined offered assistance to set up. After the bridal party walked down the aisle, Jason failed to play the bride's music. Instead, Weird Al's "Gump" cut on, which was quickly cut off. Jason shouted to me in front of my seated guests that he was not provided with a song. The bride waited at the top of the aisle. The bridal party, groom, and guests began to serenade the bride at which point Jason turned on the song that they were singing (not the song requested). One hour late, she walked down the aisle. Half of the cocktail hour was without music. With the delay, the sun set soon after the ceremony, limiting the photographer. More than once he had to be asked to introduce the bridal party and get the reception going. The reception started an hour late and could not be extended. He disappeared during dinner and could not be found for 10 minutes. His equipment lost power-the rest of the venue did not. He committed to refund my money in full-he now refuses to do so. He committed he would have another DJ to help him at the function and as back-up-he did not

There’s a lot of public information about a person or business is on the Web. Whether the events leading up to the wedding were isolated or extenuating circumstances is unknown. But there are moments that one cannot do over


Re: Jason Canaan-Infotainment-Carefully Vet this Vendor

  • You realize this is an international board, right?

  • Here at the knot ... along with Wedding Wire, and Wedding Bee are places to post vendor reviews.  If everything is as terrible as described, you should also contact the better business bureau and possibly a consumer protection agency or TV advocate in your area.  Any documentation of the ordeal, emails, paper work, pictures, etc.  will be helpful trying to recover the money - if that's the goal.  Good Luck.  
  • I had a similar experience with Infotainment, who was contracted to provide amplification for the ceremony (guitarist and speakers), outdoor cocktail hour music, full-service Reception DJ, and 36 uplights. Jason showed up to my wedding 5 minutes after it was supposed to have started and insisted on being given extra time to set up for the amplification. After 25 minutes, it was still not functioning, so we went ahead and had the entire wedding and cocktail hour without music. The beautiful guitar music was unheard, as were my grandparents who did the readings.

    After announcing that we were to enter the reception hall, he either didn't have the List of Names or couldn't cue the music, because we stood in silence for at least 10 minutes. Only ~15 of the 36 uplights were present. Our first dance was played 4 times that night, once before our actual first dance. I provided this man with diagrams of the location, CD's, lists of participants, etc. and still, everything was so screwed up.

    The worst part of all of it is the constant denial or string of excuses that I get from this man who charged me $1500.00 for the above. After a request for a partial refund, the only way I could even get him to respond with an email of substance was to write a negative review. He's really excellent at trying to spin the blame back on you, or the traffic, or the weather, or blahblahblah. I'm sure that he describes me as crazy or obsessive, as this was the way he described others who had written a negative review.

    I have filed a suit against him in Small Claims Court, even though I know he doesn't have any money. It's the principle of the thing- and I'm hoping I can somehow protect future brides from the same ordeal.
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