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Post Wedding Depression

I've been married almost 2 months (10/03/15). My ceremony was beautiful, our honeymoon was fantastic, everything was perfect. We got home from our honeymoon and started looking for an apartment which we found and moved into shortly after. I've changed my name, sent my thank you cards, made prints of my pictures... But I find myself looking at The Knot pretty much weekly and it makes me sad. I loved everything about my wedding, so why am I feeling sad about it? I've read that other people have felt this way before and that you just need to deal with it. But my husband works late shifts which leaves me home alone a lot and it only makes things more difficult. Is anyone else feeling this way? I wish I would have had a heads up about this before hand. I don't know that it would have helped, but maybe I would have been more prepared had I expected it.

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    I understand what you're going through a bit. You've just invested a ton of time, emotions, money, expectations, etc.. into planning a big wonderful event and now that it's over you have this hole where all of your planning efforts used to be. I felt it a bit too and so my husband and I decided to host Christmas Eve for his family. Sure it's not as big and intense as our wedding but we're doing all the food/drinks and having it at our place. It gives me something new to plan and think about! I'm so excited for it, I can't wait! See if there's a small event you can plan. 

    Also I decided to pick up the violin again (after 10 years) a bit before our wedding and joined an orchestra. Now it suffered a bit in the month of our wedding but now that the wedding is over it's nice to have that new hobby to fall back on. Maybe you can pick up a new hobby, like an instrument, painting, something social. I think the key is you need to find something to fill up some of that time that wedding planning took!

    Good luck and congrats on your wedding!!!
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    I feel you. It's been hard for me, too. In the year that I was planning my wedding, I moved to Connecticut, leaving all my friends and family behind, then my grandfather's cancer worsened. Wedding planning seemed like an escape from all my sadness, and now that's gone and it's come pouring back into my life like a flood. I try to keep busy doing other things, but it gets hard sometimes. I find myself looking through my wedding photos wishing it wasn't over. I've been trying to develop healthy new hobbies to manage my depression, like running and reading. My sister also loved my wedding stationary that I designed, and she's asked me to design hers, too! So that's a nice way to keep my "wedding creativity" flowing. Maybe some new hobbies will help you, too!
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