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Photographer insurance

A good friend of mine is taking our photos, he is not a professional photographer but my venue coordinator said he must have vendor insurance.  How do I go about getting him day of insurance and what is my most budget friendly option?  Has anyone run into this before?

Re: Photographer insurance

  • He will need to call some insurance companies and inquire. Yes, it is very normal for venues to require that all vendors carry insurance and often times even add the venue as a rider on an insurance policy. I'm not sure if a friendor will be able to get insurance for that but they can start by calling around and asking. I know you didn't ask for advice on this but we usually don't recommend hiring friends for these types of jobs or having people do them for free. It's ruined friendships in the past and made things difficult for a lot of couples. Make sure you have a contract with this person. Best of luck.
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