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Im in a little conundrum about this. My wedding party is all relatives (my daughter, adopted niece and my fiances niece). They are all 22 and under so I took them shopping and had them pick out their own dresses that they would be comfortable in and wear again (this was important bc they are so differemt-1 is tall and thin, 1 is short and average and 1 is average height and bigger). I told them I wanted short modern dresses that they would like and wear again. Each of them was excited about their dresses and they are all fun and youthful so therefore I am thrilled. 

Here is where I am a little confused- I gave them an open ended budget and paid for each dress no questions asked (one doesnt work and the other two are only part time). I also paid for all three pairs of shoes (again they are all different-I let them pick out what was comfortable-the tall girl doesnt like heels lol). I had them all pick out a bracelet they liked and paid for all three of those plus all three pairs of earrings and all three necklaces (the only part of the outfit that will be same). I also paid for bridesmaid bags that the two bridesmaids asked for and a maid of honor bathrobe (not my idea my daughter who is the MOH wanted it).

After all of that I took my MOH, both bridesmaids plus one of their friends that came along, my future sister in law( BM#1 mom) and a friend (BM#2 mom) out to dinner.

My question is this-after doing all of this should I still present them with a bridal party gift and if so what should I do? My other issue is that we didnt have to buy much for the groomsmen side-my son is the best man and he is wearing his ROTC uniform and my fiance nephew who is 12 and wearing a rented suit. We didnt do much for his side because we didnt need to but it somehow seems unfair to do so much for my side and then add gifts to mix. 

Re: Wedding party gifts

  • I think you definitely don't have to gift them anything additional.  I may be of an unpopular opinion here, but I think bridesmaid gifts are silly anyway (a card expressing thanks or something really small is fine).  As a bridesmaid I would 10000000% rather you pay for my attire (which I personally think the bride and groom should do anyway) than spend money on a present.  
  • I think because you got them so many things that they all picked out themselves that they will wear plenty of times after the wedding then you're probably covered.
    If you want to do something, maybe a nice card with a note and then optionally like a $10 gift card somewhere they like (itunes, amazon, starbucks, whatever).
  • You've done plenty for your bridesmaids. I wouldn't worry about getting them anything else.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • ...and you're going to be spending money on flowers, likely hair, etc. A nice Thank you card and you're golden given you've already paid for everything thus far.  If you do decide to do something, I'd keep it in the $10 or less category (picture of them in the wedding maybe). 
  • In the UK it seems to be different to the US in that bridesmaids don't usually pay for their dresses (I'm sure there are exceptions, but generally speaking), and would always be given a gift in addition. That being said it sounds like the dresses and shoes you've bought are 'wear again', plus accessories and you treated them all to a meal out - I'd say you're golden here.

    If you want to get gifts for the groomsmen side just make sure not to give them in front of the bridesmaids and there will be no issue.
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