Texas-Dallas and Ft. Worth

Engagement shoot- Dallas- with dogs&horses

Hi all.

Getting married in NYC (where I'm from) in Oct '16, but am wanting to do an engagement shoot for our Save the Dates here in Dallas.
I'd love to incorporate our dogs (mini-schnauzers) and my two horses (if possible). 

Obviously we'd need to do it at the ranch where my horses live if they're included, if not, anywhere our puppies can go! 

But need some recommendations for photographers who have experience shooting animals & humans, are willing to travel (ranch is 20 miles from downtown Dallas) and willing to do an engagement-only shoot, since our wedding photographers are in NY and flying them out here is $$$!

Also, what is a realistic price range for this? My wedding planner hasn't done a wedding in Texas, so is unfamiliar with prices or vendors- thanks!

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