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I have posted a pic of my dress below. I just wanted to get a few opinions on accessorizing. 

Here's a little backstory: My mom has been pretty hands-off since my engagement and didn't even go dress shopping with me, so my FMIL and SIL (who is also my MOH) have been stepping in to do all the typical "mommy/sister/daughter" things with me. It's all good, I have never been a very "mommy do things with me" type of girl, and I actually found it kinda odd that FMIL and SIL had planned so many girly type things. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE them both dearly and it means so much to me that they love me enough to do all these things with/for me, I just never expected it since my own mom isn't very interested in any of the planning a wedding experience. 

FF to Thanksgiving...FMIL and SIL were acting kind of strange when we returned from dinner and I was told to "stay put." I was confused when they brought me a beautifully decorated bag with 3 little boxes and notes attached to each inside. I was thinking "what is this, it's not my's not Christmas...hmmm." I opened each box and inside were a pair of gorgeous pearl/diamond accent drop earrings, a single strand pearl bracelet with a little blue ribbon tied around the clasp, and a little diamond solitaire pendant. My something old (the pendant was FMIL's engagement ring re-set as a necklace), something new (earrings), borrowed (the bracelet), and blue (the ribbon). I was FLOORED!
Of course I want to wear all of these things, but I was not planning on a necklace bc my dress is very heavy on bead work at the top and I wanted to get a few opinions from all you lovely ladies :smile: 
(The necklace is 16" with a 1/2 carat round solitaire diamond)

Re: Accessorizing

  • I am not usually a fan of necklaces with wedding dresses, but in this case, since it seems simple (you know, not a crazy statement piece) and it was a gift from your FMIL and SIL, I would wear it.  You could always try it on with your dress to see how the length works with your neckline.  If it is too long you could always see if you could get it shortened.  But I definitely don't think it would compete or take away from your dress.

  • I agree with @Maggie0829 , I am not a huge fan of necklaces with wedding gowns, especially ones with heavy detail on top like yours.  Normally I would say do a drop earring and pretty bracelet, which it sounds like you now have from your FMIL and SIL.  I would try on the necklace and see how it looks, only because it is sentimental and a gift.  If you really do not like it, be honest with them and tell them you appreciate it so much but would rather not wear a necklace and just wear the earrings and bracelet.  Maybe you can wear the necklace for the rehearsal????
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    The necklace will be fine.  Wear it.  Is this a gift?  How lovely!
  • 16'' is pretty short so I think it'll work perfectly with your dress. Something so simple will definitely not be too much nor will it take away from the neckline. What a gorgeous and generous gift! I would've been floored too!!!

  • I wore a single pearl drop necklace on my wedding day.  (Diamonds weren't proper for brides in those days!)  I don't think anyone even noticed it.
  • I think a simple, solitaire pendant like that, especially on a shorter 16" chain, would go great with that dress. It's simple enough to not overpower the dress. I say to go for it. 


  • Thank you so much for all the feedback!

    JCocco219, that is a wonderful idea to wear it for rehearsal.

    CMGragain, yes they were gifts :smile: 

    I did try everything on together, at the request of FMIL and SIL, veil and all, and it looked awesome! The short chain brought the little bit of shine just high enough to pop without taking over the whole top of the dress. I will be meeting with the seamstress for the bridal shop soon to see about adding detail to the point where the asymmetrical ruching comes together bc aside from the very ornate top the dress is plain satin. I figure this will give my dress a little "customization" and make it unique.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful input and ideas!
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