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Getting in Shape

Anybody want to try to lose 8-10 lbs with me?

I'm a fairly competitive person, and I've been telling myself I would try to lose the weight for the wedding (and the years afterward) well in advance so I'm not stressing myself out with it too close to the big day. I've been telling myself this for two months to no avail, and over Thanksgiving I actually managed to gain two pounds (FMIL bought four boxes of vegan donuts... I hadn't had a donut in so long... I probably ate 3 of the 4 boxes :/). I think I will be way more accountable and driven with this if I have somebody to lose it with and set goals with. I am not likely to take up any exercise beyond my current twice a week dance classes and weekly yoga, so cardio will not be how I'm losing this lol. I'm currently 128 pounds and 5'4, if that makes a difference. 

About how much time does it take to lose 8-10 pounds healthily with mostly dieting? I would estimate 2 months would be a healthy amount of time. Does anybody want to try to lose 8-10 pounds in two months with me? 

Re: Anybody want to try to lose 8-10 lbs with me?

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