I don't want grandparents wearing corsages/boutonnieres

I haven’t paid close attention to whether or not people’s grandparents wore corsages or boutonnieres at weddings… Met with my florist last night to go over everything & my FMIL told me I absolutely HAD to have all of my grandparents wear flowers. The issue with this is that 1) I really didn’t know grandparents even wore flowers, & when I found out I didn’t care enough to have them all wear them and… 2) Sticky situation with my grandparents…

Fiance has one set of grandparents. I have 3ish sets of grandparents. One biological grandma ‘P’, who remarried to this random guy that we all ‘put up with’ but I certainly don’t consider him my grandpa. At all. One biological grandpa ‘R’ who married his mistress ‘J’ from when he cheated on my grandma ‘P’ (long before my time). My grandma ‘P’ hates my grandma ‘J’ so do I even want to deal with this drama? No.

Last but not least, my step-dad’s mom (step dad is only father figure in my life). Grandma ‘C’ she is absolutely the worst human being on the face of this earth. She made fun of me when I called her “grandma” the first time I met her, even though my step-dad told me to call her that. She roasted me at Thanksgiving last week in front of 20+ people bc I live with my fiance. Told me to go to the court house & ‘get this over with’ bc we need a signed piece of paper that proves our marriage is real if we live together. This happened twice. TWO TIMES SHE TRIED YELLING AT ME OVER THIS IN THE SAME DAY. I see her like twice a year, so please swerve away girl, you have zero say in what I do with my life.

Then at the same Thanksgiving dinner she yelled at my biological aunt in front of everyone making fun of her lisp. My aunt & uncle announced at dinner that they bought a house & their offer was accepted (after living in an apartment since 2007, so this is a BIG deal) & Grandma ‘C’ was telling everyone to shut up bc “she was talking & all anyone wants to talk about is their new house.” My aunt said “she feels very blessed to be able to go through foster care (aunt & uncle can’t get pregnant) & how God has blessed her with being able to purchase a new home.” INNOCENT WORDS RIGHT? WRONG. Grandma ‘C’ proceeded to rip her a new one about how “You probably wont even get a white baby from this country, you’ll probably get a Syrian refugee baby” GASP. Yes, she really said that.

She continued with “God has nothing to do with the blessings in your life, you need to see a shrink bc something is wrong in your head.” SORRY WHAT?!?!?!? This bitch is CATHOLIC. First she was saying I shouldn’t live with my fiance (she’s religious so I figured that’s why she was saying that). Then an hour later she is saying God had nothing to do with my aunt’s blessings in her life. HUH?

BACK TO THE TOPIC. I just flat out do not want to involve anyone in this corsage/boutonniere BS with my grandparents. If I could have it my way I would just not do it. My FMIL was really adamant but now that I have the florist’s estimate ($150 for all grandparents), I JUST WANT TO EMAIL HER & SAY TAKE THEM OUT! It’s unnecessary in my opinion & with all of the random grandparents I just don’t want to deal with it. Thoughts?!

*I should add that my mom is paying for my wedding & said "I'm paying so if I want something to look differently then I'll change it" I just really don't care for any of the drama whatsoever.

Re: I don't want grandparents wearing corsages/boutonnieres

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    Wow - that's a whole lot of crazy going on!!!  Yea - use the "Bean dip" of "It was $150 we really can't justify spending when we've got so many other areas that we can't cut back on" and if FMIL offers to cover it, then "ye who pays gets a say" but otherwise - definitely use the budget instead of the BSC as the reason - if you decide to do anything, do a single-stem flower in a water pick for the GM's instead of a corsage...
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