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The Towers vs Easton's Beach Rotunda

We are trying to decide between 2 venues: The Towers in Narragansett and Easton's Beach Rotunda in Newport. We are planning to have around 150-160 people. We love the look of The Towers! But would The Towers be too crowded for 160 people or would there still be room for a decent sized dance floor? Also, it seems like an odd room layout. Were any guests annoyed to be sitting at the opposite side of the dance floor? Our concern with Easton's Beach Rotunda is that it's very plain. We would want a lot of uplighting, but not look too tacky like we were trying to hide something. Does anyone have any pictures of uplighting there that totally transformed the room? Thank you Knotties!

Re: The Towers vs Easton's Beach Rotunda

  • Hi,

    I was a guest at a wedding at The Towers this year.  It's a very pretty venue, but I think 160 may be too many.  The wedding I attended had long tables, and around 100 people.  Personally, I'm not a fan of long tables, and I felt like it gave it a "dining hall" type feel.
    I've never attended a wedding at Easton's, so I can't speak to that.
    What is the max capacity at Towers? If your guest list is set at 160, and they cannot accommodate everyone (including you, your FI and vendors), then you need to cross it off your list. 
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