Looking for a bilingual officiant french/english

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Hi there! I am getting married in July 2016 in Pasadena, Md. A few family members are coming over from France and I would like to find an officiant who could say a few lines/poem or whatnot in french during the ceremony, I'm having trouble finding someone....any ideas? and an interpreter is out of the question.

Re: Looking for a bilingual officiant french/english

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    I'm searching the forums with a similar problem. I can't help with specifics but from my research I thought I might share a few alternatives if you can't find a bilingual officiant. You could have a French speaking guest (or two) do a reading (or two). Also, do you and/or your fiance speak French? You could say your vows in both languages or say part of your vows in French and part in English. Even if you don't speak French this is an option. I've had friends learn enough Thai or Japanese to say their vows or address a toast to their in-laws, which I think is very romantic. Most of my fiance's family only speak Spanish - so even though my Spanish is mediocre I plan on doing a reading or toast or part of my vows in Spanish. I keep telling myself they will appreciate the gesture even if I get nervous and mess up or my pronunciation is poor.

    Sorry I couldn't help with your specific question but hopefully this helps if you don't find a bilingual officiant. Bonne chance/buena suerte/good luck!

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