The Atrium in Norcross, GA

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My fiance' and I recently toured The Atrium as well as Flint Hills and we were immediately smitten with The Atrium. They seem reasonably priced but there were some things outlined in their guidelines that could possibly be problematic. I've looked up reviews and while most seem to be glowing they aren't the most recent. Has anyone had any experience with this venue recently? Did you have any concerns regarding pricing, customer service, professionalism, the vendors they require you to use?

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    My BFF's little sister was married there 2 years ago and as far as I know, she was super happy with the service!

    I attended the wedding and had some opinions.

    I thought the food was excellent and the bartender they had did a really nice job of getting the drinks flowing and providing fast service.
    The layout was really nice and they were really great about keeping people happy and comfortable when we had a minor rain delay prior to the ceremony.
    Gorgeous location with beautiful pictures!
    One of the things Magic Moments does require to you to use is their baker, otherwise you pay a per person cake cutting fee. What I do remember from the wedding at The Atrium was that the cake was REALLY delicious!

    Some things of note - parking was a big confusing at was kind of hidden off to the side. But once we found it there was plenty of it.
    They had some people seated up in a balcony area over the dance floor/main eating/buffet area. I personally didn't mind, but it could be an issue for some guests.
    I don't know if the company offers a standard DJ, but if they do, and if my friend's sister used him, he kind of sucked. He didn't do a great job of keeping the party going and we left early. This may have also had something to do with the time of day though cause it was an early afternoon wedding.

    If you're interested in checking out other Magic Moments venues - I toured Primrose Cottage in Roswell. I thought they were pretty nice. The layout was a bit weird, but venue overall was gorgeous and the pricing was pretty decent as well based on my budget.

    I also toured the Payne-Corley House in Norcross which is really close to The Atrium. I adored the woman who was the wedding coordinator and they had really really great pricing. I ended up going with another venue but Payne-Corley House would have been my second choice.

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