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Mandalay Bay Coupons?

Is there any sites that  have coupons for the Vista Suites? I can't find anything.

Re: Mandalay Bay Coupons?

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    Are you an mLife member?  I find I usually get the best deals through my account there.
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    I am but the large suites aren't included in the discounts. :(
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    If you've got 50 guests or fewer, just use the Penthouse Superior in the Delano instead. Way cheaper.
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    Check; they come and go week by week.  Mandalay will usually let you have a coupon code applied after the fact, given the fact that you can cancel a reservation with no penalty up to three days out.  So if you find a coupon shows up later, just call and have them apply it, and if they say no, book another room with the coupon, once confirmed, cancel the original.

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    Yeah so far everything expires before my date. And we need a big room. While we are only having 25-30 guests we are going to do the ceremony in the suite as well.
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