2nd time bride...with picky taste!

Hi all!  I am new here, and I am sure this has been asked a gazillion times...but bare with me!

This is my FI and my second marriage.  We don't have a hard date yet.  Just basically looking for the best place and then going with their availability.  I am bouncing a dozen ideas back and fourth and none of them are WOW'ing me!

My FI really wants water...but I want to stay in this area for family (and the kids), so that may be out.

Our budget is not overly tight, but I will always have a hard time spending thousands and thousands for a few hours.  I did that once!

I want a place that I can really "dress up" with amazing linens and flowers and decor.  I would say I am more rustic chic!?!?!

Ideally, its a one stop shop.  We can get married there.  Have a small "party" with lots of awesome food and drinks and music.  I don't really want to micro-manage the process.  Almost just show up and get hitched!

I only think we will have about 50-60 people attending.  My FI is absolutely the love of my life and I want to incorporate a lot of personal touches for our kids and us...but still get a little loose and have fun!

My first wedding was so stinking formal and "staged" that I really want a place that we can make "ours" and truly just have a super decked out party!  Like a super fun cocktail hour that may continue afterwards in some local pubs and bars.  Send the kids home with the grandparents and just party the night away.  That's totally us!

I have checked out most of the places on the, if any of you have out of the box suggestions, I would love to hear them.


Re: 2nd time bride...with picky taste!

  • Congratulations!  A few venues I'd recommend to check out:  Pride of the Susquehanna for the water feature.  It's a little small and you can get married on the top then "sail" around but definitely something different.  Top recommendation might be the Harrisburg Country Club off Fishing Creek exit on 322.  Great views, nice sized ballroom for the number of guests considering.  Also Lauxmont farms in wrightsville and Moon Dancer Winery is right down the road.. both with water style views. 
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