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Little question for overseas brides

Or anyone with experience/knowledge really, have you found prices in flights (and possibly hotels) to rise over holiday periods?

We are still looking at April 2017, but haven't done much as it's still a little while away. I've realised Easter is in the middle of this month 14th-17th... I would imagine schools will be off for around two weeks, estimating 7th - 24th??

Also would anyone know if it's still a good idea to go during this time if everyone is off?


Re: Little question for overseas brides

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    Easter isn't a big deal over here. Canada gets the Monday off but I don't think the US gets anything at all. Spring break varies for every city and state; for example, we're usually two weeks in March, whereas my fiancee had a week in February, and another girlfriend had two weeks at the end of April.

    April does pick up Vegas-wise because the weather starts to turn warmer and the pools open, but there's no glaring dates on when would cause prices to sky rocket... unless there's a big conference in town, which is less annual and more pain-in-the-ass (we're reworking our dates because of one).
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    This link has a good listing of the conferences in town.

    It won't necessarily have everything, but it usually has the big ones, of the sort you'd want to plan around.

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    Thanks to you both! 

    Easter is quite big over here, so I just assumed it would be the same everywhere. 

    I will definitely be saving the convention calendar :)
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