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Having second thoughts on my dress

Hey everyone! Im getting married March 5, 2016 and just bought my dress a couple weeks ago. Im having major anxiety that I didnt choose the right one. There was another one that I tried on and had that emotional "say yes to the dress" moment but wanted to go to one last store before I made up my mind. I ended up buying another dress because at that point I kinda just wanted to be done shopping around but when I look at photos of it I just don't feel like its "The one". It said final sale on the reciept, which makes me even more anxious. I've attached photos of the one I bought and would love some opinions (maybe I'm stressing for nothing). It still needs lots of tailoring to fit me better. Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do?

Re: Having second thoughts on my dress

  • The dress sets the tone.  You look great and the chest is the only "big" area that needs to be taken in along with the hem on the bottom, but the challenge is what the alterations are going to cost you because of that hem, I'm guessing the way it looks, the cost of altering that dress will go a long way towards purchasing a dress that if this one isn't the one YOU want is the one you feel giddy about wearing. 

    Hindsight being 20/20, go get the other dress you actually want and sell this one if you're not happy with it before you have one single alteration done.  There's nothing worse than looking at your wedding pictures for years to come with dress regret.  Even if you sell this one for a loss, it's not the end of the world and if you read through some similar posts there are a few wedding websites out there that are reputable for selling the dress or even ebay!.  OTHERWISE, you could become a two-dress bride.  Go try on the other one again and the answer will be in front of you one way or the other.  There is no wrong answer, because the dress really is about you and only you!

  • @Knottie1446855833

    1. I think this dress in the pictures is very nice however that opinion isn't worth a dime if you're not in love with it.

    2. Yes I have experienced something similar when I got married and was picking a dress. Thankfully I went back and got the dress I loved (and still love) even though it was more expensive.

    3. I would suggest you go get the dress that you have the emotional connection / "the one" feeling with. You can always sell this dress via Facebook groups (lots of them out there), TK or any other various ways.
  • First, I want to state that I think you look beautiful.  With that said, if you are in love with the first dress and can afford to go and purchase it, I would.  You do not want to look back and have any regrets about what you should have done IMO.  
  • I did have dress regret with mine. I loved it when I bought it, however, about a month before my wedding my feelings changed. I started thinking that it didn't look that great, and that I could have found something better. My MOH reminded me that I chose the dress for a reason, and to remember that feeling I had when I initially chose it. And she was right - when my wedding day came, I was in love with my dress again. In fact, I'm so sad I'll never wear it again. 

    But, your situation sounds different. I do think that dress looks amazing on you. But, if you're still feeling strongly about the other dress, maybe try it on again (I only suggest this if you can afford to purchase the other dress). You might find that you don't love it as much as you remember. Or, maybe you'll see that the other dress should have been your dress all along. You still have time to get the other dress if that's the case. 
  • I actually really love your dress. What dress is it?

    But I echo prior comments with, if you don't feel comfortable, then you may want to reconsider what your options are.  If this has to be the dress, due to finances/time, whatever, then I recommend you do your best to focus on what this dress will look like in your venue, feel like on the day, remember alterations can really make it feel more "you", etc.  You'll make yourself crazy with focusing on all the other options you don't have.

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