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Expat Wedding Registry

As many of you know, I am an expat. I am traveling home for four days over Christmas to do a bit of wedding planning. My mom has encouraged us to organise the registry then; however, we are unsure what to do since we live so far away. 

Should we: 

1) Have a registry or two and ship everything we get (we do get some shipping and moving in allowance from our companies when moving). This would allow us to have nicer items and make the home more "homier." Also could choose not to ship and keep the items at home- but we don't know when we will go back stateside.

2) Register with Amazon

3) Not register at all. My FI believes we should get money as this is the trend in England, but I feel it would be frowned upon. 

Thoughts? Thanks for your ideas and input!!! 


Re: Expat Wedding Registry

  • I would say to register on the Amazon of the country where you live. The shipping prices would be normal then, right?
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