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Does anyone have any suggestions for a school bus rental company in the Worcester area? We are looking for around 7 hours for around $700 (hard, I know). We are also open to renting several vans.

Re: Bus rental in Worcester area

  • Do you only need 1 bus?  I don't think $700 should be THAT difficult to do for one bus.  We had 2 buses for 8-9 hours with multiple trips and our total was about $1200 in the Boston area, so I would hope you can find something near Worcester for a bit less!  I had to call like a million places to find one this cheap around here.

    Long story short, unfortunately I don't have anything Worcester-specific, but the company we used covers all of New England, so might be worth looking into.  It's Doherty's Garage out of Lincoln, MA.  Also, have your tried contacting the Worcester Public Schools (or those of smaller surrounding towns)?  Even if they can't let you use their buses, you might get someone nice on the phone who can give you a suggestion.

    Good luck!!

  • Thanks! This might be a silly question, but were there any search phrases you found helpful? I've gone through all the results for school bus/shuttle bus rental.
  • Try this website - it's got quite a few bus charter companies listed - including rates for some and contact info for all.

    Good luck!
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