Beechwood Hotel?

Has anyone used this as a room block? We are doing their courtesy block, so they don't hold the rooms, but offer a discount rate. We're worried that they can't guarantee an early check in -- they said we should book for 2 nights. Did you like this hotel/go with somewhere else? We're getting married in Spencer, and want a hotel that has a bar within walking distance or attached for an after party. Their bar is open past midnight, which is a plus!

Re: Beechwood Hotel?

  • Are you looking for early check-in for you/bridal party to get ready in on the day of the wedding?  Or for guests who are traveling in and want to check in before the wedding?  If it's the former, I would book 2 nights.  You never know what could happen at a hotel and I'd hate to be stressed out if the rooms weren't ready in time.  If it's for your guests, I wouldn't worry about it, truly.  We worried at first with ours, but often hotels will be able to accommodate early check-in on the day of if your guests call, unless it's a crazy busy weekend in your area.  If they can't get in early, you have to trust that they are adults and will plan another way to get ready and make it to the wedding on time.  You will have so much else to worry about!

    Sidenote, I haven't stayed at the Beechwood but we went to a wedding there last year and partied at the bar afterwards - it was awesome!  Really fun little bar and great that they stay open late.

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