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Wedding band suggestions please!

Hi - I hope this is the right board. I'm looking for a really kickass wedding band pairing for my unique engagement ring style. It's rose gold and sort of coils around my finger. 

A simple rose gold band might be nice because of the contrast with the diamonds, but wondering if you guys might have some other ideas? 

For example, I LOVE how unique this pairing is. It's different, but they look great together. The engagement ring couldn't be more different than mine though, but I just wanted to illustrate the kind of look/feeling I'm thinking.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Wedding band suggestions please!

  • The profile on your ring looks flat enough that it could be stacked easily with any other kinds of relatively straight bands. What about a textured rose gold band or one with carving or milgrain? Or a plain one on either side? Or white and yellow gold diamond bands for the tri-tone look?
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    Oh, I love the idea of adding texture and color with a textured yellow gold band or a yellow gold diamond band.

    For some reason, I thought the coil might look weird against a straight band, but now that I think about it, I don't know why I thought that. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • I love your ring, btw!
  • Thanks so much! I love it too!
  • I love your engagement ring! You could go with a simple rose gold band to keep the consistent color but different texture. Or you could really mix it up with some white gold!

    I'd be tempted to not even get a wedding band because that ring is great by itself.

  • Thanks so much! Yea, I was tempted to not get one for a while too. But it might be nice to have something a bit simpler to wear while traveling, outdoors, or whatever.

    And then I could wear just one of them or both and have some options ;).
  • That is such a pretty ring! I personally would go with a plain thin rose gold band.
  • Have you seen any CVB designs? I love her 'simple but interesting' look.

    Or maybe Erika Winters

    I think a thin rose gold band would also be lovely, but just in case you wanted something more interesting :) These are lovely stacking rings.

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    Thank you for these! Looking for interesting stacking rings is harder than it seems like it would be! A couple of these are going on my Pinterest board.
  • Myself, I think I'd go with a plain rose gold band. Your e-ring is interesting enough on its own, and I think something simple, yet still striking (the colour) will off-set it nicely. But that is just me and my style. I have a 3 stone e-ring, the center is sapphire. My wedding band is plain white gold. 

    That, and I work in health care and have a horse, so use my hands a lot and get dirty. I liked the idea of a plain band that I could wear anywhere, as I don't wear my e- ring those places (afraid to lose a stone!). 
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