June 2016 Weddings


How is everyone's planning going...we are at the 6 month mark!!!  

Re: Planning

  • I can't believe it! Only half a year! Everything for me is pretty much done. The only thing I've really yet to book is a florist. I just am struggling so much to cough up the money. Ugh. We've got the venue (catering and alcohol included), photographer, videographer, officiant, DJ, cake ordered, My dress, bridesmaid dresses picked out, makeup and hair booked, Save-The-Dates about to be sent out, invitations ordered, etc. I've even started picking up a few little things as I see them on sale, like vases for centerpieces, bridesmaid and parents gifts, stuff to make our favors, etc.

    Pretty much the last huge thing is my fiance needs to actually pick his groomsmen and get their attire, but we probably won't do that until the early Spring.
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