Engagement Pics @ Franklin Conservatory

Anyone have their pics done at FCP in the past year or two? Especially interested if you had them in December or January. I've read a few peoples posting saying they just paid admission and took pics but their site says it's a $200 fee for 2 hr session. Is that only if you want to section off a private area? Anyone have experience with having pics done here?

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    I know that FPC had to implement a photo session policy/fee because they book lots of weddings (for lots of $), and they were having trouble with the number of non-booked wedding and engagement sessions happening all over ... including during their booked couples' events.  So, I totally get that.     (I think you could probably snap a few pictures here and there if it seemed more like a casual stroll though the park, then a "session" ... if you know what I mean).

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    They catch you with a photographer without permission you'll get in trouble. We had our e-pics done in the spring and our photographers paid for the right and still got pulled to the side. If you want your pictures done there talk to your photographer about it. 

    We paid for permission and could wander freely and take pictures anywhere. Go out of season or during the week if you don't want other people nearby. You don't get a private place.  Again- if you have someone taking pictures of you and you haven't paid you will get in trouble.
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