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Catholic Priests For Wedding At Venue

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Does anyone know a priest that will come perform the ceremony at the venue?

Re: Catholic Priests For Wedding At Venue

  • Only if you want to go through a TON of paperwork through the diocese!

    There's a lot to being married in the Catholic church than just the ceremony.  Meet with your parish priest (masstimes.org is a great site to use for "church shopping" if you don't have a particular parish you attend regularly - approach the priest after mass once the crowds have gone down is usually a good first intro if you're considering a certain parish as your "church home", then set up a meeting).  Our priest was fantastic about explaining why it's as important as it is to be married inside of a church, that doesn't mean that it can't be done outside of a church, however, it's a lot of paperwork that you still need the priest who'd be performing the ceremony to sign off on...

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