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Need opinions, Engagement ring ordered too small and resized

I had my finance's grandmother's engagement ring reset into a simple rose gold wedding band. I was told I could pick up on Friday but then it wasn't finished so I was told to come back on Sunday. I come in today and it's a size 6 but it was suppose to be an 8 (paperwork showed this). So they said we can have it ready this afternoon. When I picked up I could tell it had been stretched and it made a big difference to the thickness of the band which I know weakens the ring. I was not even offered an apology. I was too mad to say anything and I had my squirmy one year old with me. It's been bothering me so I'll be contacting them tomorrow. I feel like I paid for a brand new ring and didn't get that ( it was only a $200ish band though). Want honest opinions on if I'm over reacting or not. I'm not even sure of what I wanted them to do but I would have at least appreciated an apology.
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