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I saw a dress that I liked but I would liked to removed the sleeves. I have heard a lot of bad things about alterations should I go ahead and let Davids bridal removed the sleeves and take a chance they wont mess it up or just take it to someone else.

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  • David's Bridal is a franchise.  Each store has the same basic merchandise, but different staff.  Some DBs have good alterations staff; some do not.  I would talk to an independent seamstress for an estimate and advice.
  • I bought my dress at David's Bridal and got the alterations done there. They hemmed the dress and changed where one of the buttons sat to do up the dress. It turned out well, but I thought that seamstress definitely knew what she was doing, she was very informative. 

    However, if I were looking for a major alteration, I would look into a professional seamstress who has lots of experience with wedding dresses. 
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    I've had nothing but bad experiences with David's Bridal (and also have heard nothing but bad things about working with them). I would seek out someone who does wedding dress alterations elsewhere....most smaller dress shops will have info for multiple "independent" seamstresses. Good luck! 
  • It's 100% dependent upon the location you're using!  They've got the same dresses from store to store, but the staff are unique to that particular store.  Some stores have kick butt awesome staff, others not so much..  We have one David's near here that has the beyond awesome staff, and one that has beyond horrible CS.  IMO, if you trust the seamstresses there, that's who I'd use because they're familiar with those lines of dresses and all things related alterations to them and can do it much more efficiently. 
  • Thy may not be able to do an alteration that drastic. I went there the first time I went dress shopping and when I asked about an alteration on a dress I was considering they told me they couldn't do alterations that changed the design of the dress. (I don't remember exactly what I was asking about, tbh, and ultimately ended up getting a different dress somewhere else.) You might find you have to go somewhere else anyway.
  • I have a lot of experience altering garments, and I do not recommend that you try to do this.  That dress has a very extreme low back as well as a very plunging neckline.  If you remove the long sleeves, there won't be much to hold it on you.  You might have to glue it on!  If the back were higher, it would be possible, but as it is, don't do it.
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