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What should the groomsmen where??

Hi Girls- I purchased the dress above and really don't know what suit to pair with it. Does anyone one have an ideas??

Re: What should the groomsmen where??

  • What is the groom wearing?
  • 1.  What time of day is your wedding?  (No tuxedos before 6:00 PM.)
    2.  What is the groom wearing?

    The groomsmen wear the same thing that the groom wears.

    There are two levels of formality that would be appropriate: formal and semi-formal.

    Semi-formal means a suit worn with a white dress shirt and a tie.  All suits have the same formality.  The usual colors are navy, charcoal grey, or black.  Light grey is also acceptable.  All these colors are considered to be neutrals, and they go with any color.  Suits are never worn with those brightly colored satin vests; those are for tuxedos only.
  • I agree the groom and groomsmen should match the formality of your dress and the bridesmaids. The groom can be differentiated by the color tie/pocket square/boutonniere as those should match you, while the groomsmen can wear colors to match the bridesmaids. 
  • IMO - let your FI take care of this detail.  You get to choose your dress, allow him to choose his own attire and coordinate the GM to what he chooses...  If you really want to make your guys happy - price out suits at Kohl's or JCP or Sear's instead of rentals - they may be money ahead at the end of the day...
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