Indoor/outdoor options?

Hello! We are recently engaged and are starting to consider venues for either December 2016 or March 2017 in the Phoenix area. We are thinking of doing our ceremony indoors and want to have an indoor and outdoor area (ideally) for our reception, since the Phoenix weather is so great that time of year and I am already planning for the use of LOTS of twinkle lights (thanks, Pinterest...haha). I am have been researching online and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for a venue that can host both the ceremony and reception and would meet our expectations on this? Thanks in advance! :smile: 

Re: Indoor/outdoor options?

  • Congratulations!!! Definitely amazingly great times of the year - the first thing that comes to mind is Villa Sienna. They have a gorgeous indoor area but you're kind of forced into an Italian Style wedding, not a bad thing but just saying. :)
    Denise Karis
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    Really late on this, as you probably have a spot, but Venue at the Grove is like this. Very beautiful and awesome to work with.
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