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So my FH is a big guy, we think he is a size 15.5 in rings( I say we think because the biggest sizer we can find is a size 15 and that doesn't fit). Every ring he finds, the manufacturer only goes to size 15. He wants something besides just a gold band. Does anyone know of any good ring designers that carry large-sizes men rings? Thank you for any help.

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  • I'd recommend working with a local custom jeweler who can either expand an existing ring to fit (really no different than resizing any other ring) and put the time in to get it right or has more resources available for larger finger sizes.  Check google for goldsmiths in your area or you could ask some jewelers if there's anyone they recommend or send work out to that you can check with (many times they'll get a kickback for the referral).. 
  • My guy is not that large in his body, but he has big fingers!  I had no idea until we tried to get his ring size, and the sizer in our local jewelry store only went to 15, and while he could get it on  his finger, it was pretty tight.  We had spent a couple of really fun vacations in Hawaii, and he has been married before, so I wanted something really different from what he'd had before.  I went with a curly-koa wood and titanium ring from Hawaiian Titanium rings.  They have all kinds of nice rings, and I had no trouble getting a 15.5; the order was quick (they are custom made) and engraving was free.  When it came I had him try it on, and the fit was perfect.  He was very surprised and loves it.
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