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NYC / Long Island restaurant venues?

Hi Ladies,

My fiance and I just got engaged on Christmas Eve. We have decided to have a short engagement, and get married sometime this summer (June - Aug). We aren't settled on a specific date yet, and are willing to chose a Friday or Sunday date depending on venue availability.

We are also going to limit our guest list to 50 ppl or so, in effort to save money. Just close family and friends. 

Most venues that I have researched so far, have a 75person or more minimum.  So, I am thinking that a restaurant would work for us too. Although, I would love some place that has a site for the ceremony too.

Any suggestions? 

Re: NYC / Long Island restaurant venues?

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    If you are all right with Brooklyn, I might suggest Ici in Fort Greene. It's a French-style restaurant with an event space and a backyard-- I found posts here and on the defunct Offbeat Bride community last spring and started researching it, because my guest-list was only going to be around 50 people. 

    If you have a wedding on the parlor floor which is their event space, there's a limitation of 48 people. If you are not able to trim the list down, you'd have to rent out the restaurant basically in order to utilize both the parlor floor and the main dining room. But if you are able to tighten that list up, this might be a good option! The food is fantastic and so far the planner has been really helpful with my questions. 

    I no longer have the email but I did contact Frankie's 457 (also in Brooklyn) and I believe they could accommodate up to 40 people-- I might be wrong, and that might be too few people for your guest list to shrink to, but it might be worth double-checking. I at least know that they didn't have a minimum number. 

    Good luck!
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    We have Terrace on the Park in Queens  booked for June 11, 2016 but we just cancelled, so it is now available.  We booked for 50 people at their Oak Room, so I'm sure you will be able to book it as well.  If you are willing to do June 11, it would be such a help to us as we are now liable for 80% of the total contract if the venue is not rebooked.
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