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wedding venues that allow you to bring in your own caterer/alcohol

I was looking for suggestions on venues that allow you to bring in a caterer of your choice and alcohol.  Thanks!

Re: wedding venues that allow you to bring in your own caterer/alcohol

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    Where specifically are you looking in the cities/state @Knottie1451174793?  There are literally TONS of venues that you can do this.  The challenge being you don't want recommendations for Stillwater if you're over by Minnetonka or Rochester for that matter.  Also, what is your relative budget and how many are on your guest list?

    That said - it doesn't always save you money to bring your own caterer/liquor in.  The hall we used over in Hudson for our RD and another family event was all-inclusive and FAR less than having to dinker around with having to book multiple vendors or the headaches of coordinating everyone as were several even "upper end" venues, the key is pricing everything out with what you get for the money.  It doesn't save you anything if you get nickeled and dimed, always make sure you're comparing apples to apples (if one includes linen service and other charges you $5/pp make sure you're factoring that in).  Having a bartender especially the way that MN laws are is to your advantage especially on the liability end.  Minimums on all things bar service aren't always a bad thing!

  • Are you still looking? Here is a good website to start with: http://minneapolis.twistbartendingservice.com/vendors/

    Otherwise here are the ones I know of (not sure if they are on that list right now): 
    514 Studio
    413 Wacouta (they charge $13/person for all the extras)
    Dayblock Brewery

    You can also work with With a Twist - you can buy from the liquor store next door to them, and they will bring from there - that's a work around if you can find someone that just needs a licensed bartender.
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