Venue Search- Summer 2017

Hello! Recently engaged and starting to look into venues.. I found several places in the area but the majority of them seem to be all the same. I was curious if anyone had any unique venue ideas in Nepa. Can range from Scranton to Wilkes-Barre to Hazleton, etc.. We will be having approx 200-250 guests.. A lot will be traveling cross country or at least a few hours so we want to be within shuttling distance to hotels or even better, have rooms available on site but with enough things to do nearby for guests. We are looking for a different type of venue such as a winery, industrial building, estate or garden that we would be able to have a ceremony and possibly a tent reception at.. Also, we would like to be able to bring in a caterer and our own alcohol- we are big fans of microbrews and would like to be able to offer some different options than the norm included in packages.. So far we are planning to look into Freidman Farms and the Beaumont Inn in Dallas but I do not know much about them yet.. Also glen summit and white woods in wapwallopen. Besides those we will also be checking out some nearby golf courses and hotels such as the Radisson and Woodlands, etc. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! :)

Re: Venue Search- Summer 2017

  • You should really check out the Everhart museum as a reception venue- really beautiful grounds and a very customizable reception place- basically you pay the fee to rent the grounds and then you can work out what food you want, what brews you want, how you want to set it up. 
    Good luck and congratulations!
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