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A look back at 2015

SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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I'm not sure if we did this last year but we've done it in the past and I think it's a nice way to look back at the year about to come to a close. 

- Spent 5 days in Aruba
- Closed on and moved into my house
- Was finally reunited with my babies after 3 months apart 

- Spent a weekend with my bests for @csousa1 's 30th birthday
- @audrewuh came to visit and we went to the Devils/Bruins game!

- @GoldenPenguin 's bridal shower and bachelorette party
- @hummingbird125 's bridal shower

- @Hummingbird125 's bachelorette party -- things happened
- Spent a long weekend at Tybee Island/Savannah

- Celebrated 2 years of marriage 
- @GoldenPenguin got married! 
- @audrewuh visited again! 
- @Hummingbird125 got married! 

- Went to the Belmont Stakes 
- Had a housewarming party
- Celebrated H's 30th birthday
- Went to the dentist 87 times

- Visited @GoldenPenguin for the 4th
- Spent a weekend with my bests @buddysmom80 's for her birthday and my birthday
- Turned 30
- @beanbot2002 came to visit
- Finally got to meet @labro 
- Went to the dentist 87 times 

- Went to a boozy brunch with new and old Knotties! 
- Spent the end of the month in Cape Town 
- Went to the dentist 87 times

- Kicked off the month on a safari in South Africa
- Joined the gym! 
- Went to Boston/Salem with @GoldenPenguin and @csousa1 and got a tattoo while there

- Ran my first 5k 
- @beanbot2002 's shower and bachelorette party 

- @beanbot2002 got married! 
- Spent a long weekend in DC with H 
- Saw the final HG movie and cried multiple times
- Ate turkey and pumpkin pie

- Had breakfast with @Hummingbird125 @cu97tiger and @Peaseblossom55 
- Saw TSO with H 
- Got lots of presents from and spent time with my awesome families 


Re: A look back at 2015

  • January
    - Found new favourite home decor stores
    - discovered new tradition of honouring my dad, cupcakes

    - diagnosed with anxiety and depression, put on medication

    - Started looking at places for honeymoon
    - Dress fitting to show bridesmaids and MIL

    - 1yr anniversary of my dad
    - bought Christian Louboutins

    - Final fitting to show Granny and with shoes, able to take home

    - Shopping with girls for dresses, got extremely lucky with price and dress
    - Bridal shower

    - Final haircuts/colours
    - Bachelorette
    - introduced 1 BM to rest {she had been away}, also spent 2 days with her
    - met judge and worried I would sob through entire vows {didn't!}
    - emotional melt down night before wedding

    - MARRIED! :smiley: 
    - did a few day trips as married couple

    - turned 28
    - friends surprised me with showing up at my door with cake {omg}

    - Found out friend's of ours split up {long story}
    - hosted Thanksgiving at our place with my mum

    - Company wide party, was amazing!

    - Matt cooked his first turkey!
    - did adulting and opened RRSP for Matt

    2016 already we've planned to cut our spending and we go to the Dominican Republic {Punta Cana} in February!
    minskat30speakeasy14[Deleted User]
  • @labro, can I get one of those cupcakes?  Today?  KTHX.
  • @labro omg I hadn't seen photos of your car after the wreck! Wow! So glad you're okay!
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
    5000 Comments Sixth Anniversary 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    @CocoBellaF I was definitely planning to torture people and make it my sig photo but I decided against it because pregnancy rage is a real and scary thing. ;)

    Here are the recipes though! No crazy smells!
    Basic White Cupcakes
    Raspberry Buttercream Frosting

    [Deleted User]MissKittyDangerPeaseblossom55speakeasy14
  • yum frosting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't mind some frosting either @cocobellaF just frosting.


    labro[Deleted User]speakeasy14minskat30
  • beachyone15beachyone15 TEXAS (the home of my exes) member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary First Answer
    Without looking at my calendar...

    -Celebrated my "dirty 30" at a piano bar with friends...and too many drinks.
    -Closed on our first home

    -Parents bought a condo at the beach
    -Ski trip to Utah with H's family

    -Moved in to our new home!

    -Attended our friends' wedding.

    -Lots of yard work.

    -Best friend moved to my city-very happy!

    July: *month of birthdays*
    -H's 30th birthday
    -Brother's bday
    -Dad's bday
    -Grandma's bday

    -HOT outside. That's all I remember.

    -Joined Stitch Fix!

    October: *roller coaster month*
    -The great "house flood of 2015" aka dishwasher leak.
    -We lost my grandmother
    -We lost H's grandfather
    -Celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary - trip to the Great Smoky Mts

    -Ate all the things.

    -Celebrated Christmas with friends and family. Still eating all the things...


    Daisypath Anniversary tickers

    minskat30labrospeakeasy14[Deleted User]
  • @TwoDimes I'm still so bummed we missed each other in July but I just have to say INDY!  What a cute spoiled princess to get a fence for her birthday too.  ;)
    [Deleted User]
  • jenjen047jenjen047 Boston member
    1000 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its Name Dropper
    - Celebrated my first New Years with FI (then BF)
    - Celebrated FIs birthday by getting blackout drunk at a UFC fight
    - Enjoyed many snow days

    - Pats won the Superbowl
    - Enjoyed many snow days

    - FI moved in
    - Went to Mexico with my family
    - Celebrated my first St Paddy's Day with Irish people
    - Went ring shopping with FI
    - Started a new job
    - Joined TK!

    - Went on a cruise to the Bahamas with my best friend
    - Went on a weekend trip to New Hampshire with FI, my sister, and her BF
    - Day drank in a hot tub for 8 hours.

    - Turned 28
    - Took FI on a helicopter flying lesson for his belated bday pressent

    - Celebrated 1 year with FI
    - Went to my first wedding with FI (still haven't gotten a thank you note)

    - Got engaged!
    - Bought my wedding dress

    - Went on a long weekend to Vermont with my parents and FI
    - Went on a girls weekend in Raleigh

    - FMIL visited for 10 days

    - Got serenaded by a drag queen at my bachelorette party!

    - Moved to a newer, nicer, and bigger apartment with FI
    - Said goodbye to our puppy dog (she's living with my parents until July)
    - Got so many wonderful gifts at my bridal shower
    - Worked all Thanksgiving weekend and accrued major comp time
    - Went on a crazy hunt for the perfect makeup artist

    - Celebrated my 2nd Christmas with FI
    - Only worked 1 40 hour week
    labrospeakeasy14beachyone15[Deleted User]
  • So I'm new here, but love you guys already (thank you for making me feel welcome so quickly!). I'll give this a shot.

    - It snowed a lot and I had to sleep at work for 2 nights in a row. I work in the middle of the woods in a nursing home, so we have to be there no matter what. So that sucked.
    - Moved in to our new (old) house. After living for 2 years in a cramped little apartment with a noisy upstairs neighbor, FI (then BF) and I decided to rent a house in the next town over. It's a cool old house. Over 150 years old actually, so there are a lot of problems, but we love it.
    - Had a research literature review on the Effects of Tai Chi on Older Adults with Parkinson's Disease published in the American Journal of Recreational Therapy. It was my first research publication, so that was cool.
    - Had an awesome intern start at work.

    - More snow.
    - Got my assisted living administrator's license so that I could fill in for a friend at work when she went on maternity leave.

    - Friend went on maternity leave, and I covered for her. The next day the state walked in for their annual survey. Talk about high stress!
    - Went to Manchester, NH for a conference. I had never been to New Hampshire before, so that was something new.
    - Stayed overnight at work for 2 nights again due to snow.

    - Celebrated National Siblings Day
    - Celebrated my grandma's 91st birthday by taking her out for pizza, hot wings and beer (at her request).

    - Celebrated FI's 28th birthday
    - Posted a picture of my mom drinking a margarita on facebook, and one of her guy friends posted, "wow, what a babe!". So that happened and I wish I didn't remember it.
    - Walked in graduation for my Master's degree.
    - Had to fire an employee for the first time. Unfortunately she committed fraud, but it still sucked.
    - Started my last grad school class.

    - A really bad storm here knocked out our power for 5 days and a tree smashed into our neighbor's home.

    - I turned 29.
    - FI (then BF) and I celebrated by taking a trip to Ocean City, Maryland
    - Finished my last grad school class and officially graduated with my MS.
    - Interviewed for a teaching job at my university (teaching Recreational Therapy as an adjunct).
    - A new brewery opened up in our town and it's delightful.
    - My best friend at work got engaged

    -Celebrated my mom's birthday
    - Was told that I got my teaching job, teaching the class I wanted
    - School started and I was in a whirlwind since the last person who taught my class passed along nothing and everything was created completely from scratch.
    - One of my favorite employees resigned, but I got to hire my awesome intern from earlier in the year.

    - I don't think I actually did anything this month except work on my class stuff.

    - Hosted people over for scary movie night - we do this every year at Halloween.
    - Went to a winery with my friends and it snowed. In October.

    - Celebrated my 4 year anniversary with FI by going out for a fancy fancy dinner at our favorite French place (in our sophistication, we actually just refer to the place as "French Place")
    - Saw all my fam at Thanksgiving
    - My best friend invited us all out for her 30th birthday party. She was sober at the end of the night, and I fell asleep with my head resting on the toilet seat in the hotel room, after 3 hours of puking.
    - Had a 3-day hangover from aforementioned night of partying.
    - Realized I can no longer drink like when I was 21.

    - Got engaged!!!!!!
    - Finished up my class
    - Worked for 11 days straight because of our work holiday parties for our residents
    - Christmas happened and it was 70 degrees. I wore short sleeves and no jacket on Christmas. What is happening?
    - New Years was friggin freezing. We spent it at a mutual friend's house.
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