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2015 Reflections and Goals for 2016

thefanciestbecklerthefanciestbeckler Chattanooga, TN member
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2015 has been one wild year for me! DH and I planned a wedding, got married, and bought our first house. We went on an incredible honeymoon and finished the year off spending lots of quality time with family and friends. This year some of my family members and I have rekindled our relationship after being distant for a few years. Over all, I feel like I've learned a lot about myself and a lot about the people around me in 2015.

I'm not big into New Years Resolutions, but I always spend time at the end of the year envisioning what I would like the next year to look like. I know for a fact that I'd like to lose some weight and get in shape. We are going to Colorado next summer, and I'd really like to be able to go on hikes without dying ;)

In August, I decided to take a break from pursuing my Master's degree so I could enjoy the last few weeks of wedding planning and then get a little settled into married life. I'm starting back in a few weeks, and I am really looking forward to adding that aspect back into my life. It feels good to pursue a passion, even if achieving the goal is a few years off.

What about you guys? Thoughts on 2015? Goals for 2016?


Re: 2015 Reflections and Goals for 2016

  • 2015 was an awesome year. DH and I decided to buy a house in February, went through the whole process, and moved in to our house at the end of May. We love being home owners and have been figuring things out as we go.

    We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary in August and went on an amazing trip to the Western Caribbean with DH's parent and sister in September. We are already planning on another small trip with them this year and another cruise in 2017.

    We got serious about budgeting in November and have been maximizing our savings by tracking our spending and budgeting more specifically for certain categories. We are on track to pay off our house in half the time, and, after speaking with a financial planner, know we are on the right track for our future financial security.

    DH and I are just hoping 2016 is as good as 2015. We have some projects for the house we want to complete (Re-Paint the front porch and seal the back deck) this year. We look forward to planning a trip with my DH's family. It is looking like 2016 will be a good year.
  • 2015 was a great year. We got married, DH got a promotion (although that came with challenges), and we moved into a house (rental). We have really upped our game with saving money and it's great to see that account grow to hopefully be put for a home. I bought my first car ever, and felt more confident at work.

    Not too many downsides, but finding out some genetic things which will affect ttc was probably the biggest. And some conflict with the in-laws, but according to DH that is totally normal for them lol.

    I don't really make resolutions, but for 2016 I'd like to continue keeping my health a priority. I really focus on a 80/20 type approach, healthy meals at homes, and exercising 2-3 days a week. We are also going to be ttc, but because of said genetic things, it will be a journey, so I want to make sure and remember DH in all of this, and try to keep our communication open. We also vowed to take a trip (late honeymoon) in 2016, so hopefully we stick to that.
  • 2015 was a pretty good year for me. We got a puppy, got married, and started the necessary steps to begin IVF (blood work = all good, a few intrusive procedures including surgery to remove a bad fallopian tube, etc.).

    What will 2016 bring? Well, a baby, hopefully. We start IVF in February (about a month of really shitty-sounding daily shots), which will hopefully lead to a pregnancy sometime in spring. 

    I would also LOVE to find a new job and buy a house, but with the IVF stuff, I don't think it's a good time for that...
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  • 2015 was a great year. Hi everyone its me Ibarfburlapandlace. Sorry I have been lurking more instead of participating. Our wedding has been on the backburner because of my grandparent's health. So my year was busy but I loved taking care of them. It brought me joy to help them. My Grandfather past on Sunday. I am thankful I was with him and my grandmother almost everyday the last year. I hope i have more time with my grandmother even though she is still battling cancer. I am very close to both of them , they have always been my rock.

    I hope in 2016 I will have peace and more time. Time to work on myself, really. 2016 is the year I get myself back. Also it's my goal to finally get married, so I will be on here more in the future.

    Happy new year knotties! May the best happen for you in 2016.

  • spockforprezspockforprez Virginia member
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    2015 was a really tough year for us. We had a few highlights - buying our first home is the biggie! Hoping 2016 is much better to us. Obviously we are getting married, WOOHOO! Other than that, I hope to get into a better work situation as well as refocus on health and weight loss. 
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  • This is the first time I've made a resolution: Don't volunteer for things that I'm going to bitch about later. Lots of school stuff, lots of helping my in laws with things I really don't want to do but feel bad for, driving/waiting on people that never return the favor etc.

    I'm hoping I stop turning my self into a door mat but also stop whining so much about situaions I put myself in.

  • thefanciestbecklerthefanciestbeckler Chattanooga, TN member
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    I read this quote the other day on one of my favorite authors' Facebook page. I completely agree with you @lnixon8.

    "As you move into 2016 hoping for a saner schedule that prioritizes your actual life and keeps you focused on the things that matter the most, let me share the decision-making filter my agent Curtis always gives me:

    "If it's not a HELL YES, then it's a no."

    So that medium yes, that I-feel-like-should yes, that guilty yes, that coerced yes, that I-actually-hate-this-thing yes, that I-guess-so yes, that who-else-will-do-it yes, that careless yes, that default yes, that resentful yes, that I-probably-shouldn't-but-struggle-with-boundaries yes?

    NO. Nope.

    No thank you. I am unable to commit to that this year. Thank you so much for asking, but any new yes I give right now means a no to my family and sanity. I am so flattered you asked and count on my prayers, but I am at my maximum bandwidth right now. I appreciate your work so much, but I've already committed my time and energy this year. I've loved being a part of this, but I am no longer able to continue. We are aggressively focused on x, y, and z this year, so as a family we've agreed on no new commitments. This is what I can give but won't be able to do more right now.

    Now, the things that make your heart race, your blood pump, the fire in your belly burn, your gifts to leap to life, and keep your family and home healthy and strong...the hell yeses? ALL IN, BABY." - Jen Hatmaker

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