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Help with "I Do's"

Needing some opinions on our I Do's. FI and I are looking over our ceremony that we need to send back to our officiant, and we're struggling to come up with how we want to finish them off.

Here's what they say:
"Do you take bride/groom to be your husband/wife, promising to live together faithfully in marriage, forsaking all others, and to share in all that life offers? Do you promise to love, cherish, and honor him/her in sickness and health, joy and sorrow, adversity and good fortune, ...?"

The ... is where we're having trouble. We hate "til death do you part" and "as long as you both shall live" because we don't like any talk of something separating us. We also don't want anything like "as long as our love lasts" because we think it sounds like less of a commitment or like we're trying to give ourselves a way out. We've come up with two options:
1) until the end of eternity
2) as long as forever lasts

I'd like opinions on these. I'm also very open to any other ideas. All thoughts appreciated!

Re: Help with "I Do's"

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    Well, what about just forever or eternity? I am not a fan of hyperbole so I'd just keep it simple.
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    We used "until time comes to an end" at the end of our vows. 
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    Thank you to everyone for all of your input!

    In response to CMGragain, we actually don't believe that. A lot of people tell us we're ridiculous, but we both believe in soulmates and we think that there's something after this life where we can be together. So to us, they are realistic. I do appreciate your input though, because I definitely wanted feedback,

    In response to marriedhamstermom, I actually really like that, so I might steal it from you!
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    I like "from this day forward"...however, that may not fit your guys' beliefs. I also like "for eternity".
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    @bethsmiles  - I love that! Simple and not hyperbolic.

    I also think that @CMGragain has a point in terms of death separating. While your sentiment about forever, (including after death) is sweet, it sounds like neither of you would move on if one of your should happen to pass, which is unrealistic and unkind to wish on the surviving partner.
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    @100yroldblinddog - Thanks! I actually didn't put that much thought into that aspect of the vows, I just googled a bunch of different vows and kind of pieced together what I liked to make our own.

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