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Question about florist

I found what i thought to be the most awesome florist. He was willing to let us put a down payment for $50 and had given us a quote of $850 for the entire wedding and he had an amazing portfolio. I told him we'd stay in touch with him and let him know when we decide. So we decided to go with him and when i sent him a message he upped the down payment to $400 and then claimed he didn't have the price we agreed upon. Now i have a bad feeling about booking him. Am I being paranoid?

Re: Question about florist

  • Do you have the messages where he agreed to $850 and told you the down payment was $50? We had something similar happen where our deposit for our DJ was concerned because he typically takes a third of the total as the deposit and we had been quoted for about $100 to $200 (I don't remember the exact amount at the moment) but the minute we explained he immediately apologized and said he must have made a mistake but that he would be happy to honor the original deposit amount he told us.

    If you have a bad feeling about him then I would do a little more research on him before I signed anything if only to ease your mind. I wouldn't want to spend the next six months with this on top of other wedding stress.

    Did his new price go up a lot or just slightly? I'm thinking there could have also been a change in pricing for anyone who books after January 1, 2016. Two of my vendors informed me they were doing this as a matter of fact.

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