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Fun, non-traditional options for local reception?

I recently got engaged and am not the 'traditional' bride.  My fiance and I have been to tons of weddings, and have known eachother for a very long time.  It's most important for us to make this day about US, and have a great time on a budget.  We're either going to do destination wedding, OR if we do local (Minneapolis area) a small intimate ceremony in the fall, followed by a reception.

Does anyone have suggestions on an area (park perhaps) that allows people to do small weddings without a year long wait or spendy price tag?  (Think immediate family and a witness, maybe a few pictures, followed by a fun reception).

I don't like the 'conference room'/hotel room feel for receptions - I go to enough conferences for work...and I'd prefer buffet or even a food truck to the traditional bland wedding food... Anyone have recommendations for a bar or restaurant that can be rented out in the MPLS area and would feel less 'conferency/stuffy' that has a fair amount of space?  Maybe even a patio? Thinking perhaps a buffet somewhere if we did a small local reception.....

Re: Fun, non-traditional options for local reception?

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    O.k. all wedding food is not "Bland" - the Bride & Groom's choice in caterers/entre' was!  It's really all in what you bring to the day.  The main reason fall has year-long waiting lists is because it's the most popular time around here to get married because the weather is the most predictable it is ever going to get for this state.  That doesn't mean you're SOL if you want something this fall yet.

    A lot really depends on what your idea of intimate ceremony/reception is and "not stuffy".  There are TONS of restaurants that can cater to a group of say 30 guests.  Lake Elmo Inn comes to mind.  As for unique, many of the area ski hills/golf courses rent out space for weddings. You could "Destination at home" and go up to Lutsen or Bluefin Bay  or down to the St. James in Red Wing and have the "best of both worlds" with your DW idea...  Afton Cruise Lines and Stillwater Boat & Packet offer cruises along the St. Croix as something non-traditional/fun.  The University Club - on Summit is another idea.  Many Apple Orchards rent out space though fall would be pushing it since it's when they do most of their business.  The Weisman also rents out.  Another nearby DW option would be down near the Wisconsin Dells area..  You could do the Twin's Ballpark..  Chanhassen Dinner Theater...  Depending on how many people, you could do Stillwater Balloons...  Lake Minnetonka has tons of options (friend had a PPD there - can't remember the name of the place, just the long-@$$ drive to get there).. 

    Really the sky is the limit but typically the budget is what gets people back to earth... 

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