Venue with BYOB

Hi! First post here...

We are hoping to find a venue in Eastern MA that allows us to buy and bring in our own alcohol (beer and wine only) and hire a bartender to serve it (or use their bartender). We would like to keep the venue fee under $1000. We are open to outdoor tent weddings! Our wedding will be late May 2017.

- Kristen

Re: Venue with BYOB

  • Check the Holliston Historical Society. Their site fee was $1200 I think, and included wooden chairs and tables. It's BYOB
  •  it will be difficult to find a byob venue with a rental fee under 1000- what i found when looking for byob venues is that they tend to charge a slightly higher rental fee since they're not making any profit off of alcohol sales like a regular venue would be able to. once it was explained to me like that i realized it made a lot of sense. 
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