Where did you ladies buy your undergarments for your dresses? Everything I'm finding doesn't come in my size. I'm a 38G and having a horrible time trying to find something. I'm looking for something that has stays because my dress doesn't have them.

Thank you in advance :)

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Re: Undergarments?

  • I bought a couple long-line bras from (Linda the Bra Lady). The store has a MASSIVE selection of different bra shapes and a very very wide size selection too. My dress was super structured so I actually ended up going bra-less (36 DDD at the time) and only wore a pair of Spanx to smooth out lumps and bumps.

    I didn't buy anything until my dress actually arrived because I wanted to try it on with the dress and see if it worked. The bras I purchased DID work, but I actually felt comfortable enough in my dress without them so I was able to return them. Same with the Spanx. I bought a couple different pairs/styles and tried them on with MY dress (not the sample) to see what worked the best and then returned the excess.

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    I haven't bought a dress yet, but I have had the best luck with bras in general on Amazon. I'm a 40GG so going in store is totally pointless; you probably have the same problem. I buy tons of different bras on Amazon at a time and then end up returning 80% of them. Make sure your items have free returns!
  • Update - I found a long line bra I really liked on It was going to cost me over $80 plus tax and shipping, I went to Amazon and found the same bra for $20 cheaper and I had Prime shipping. The bra got here about a week ago and it fits perfect!! I'm so excited!
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    I got my long line from 

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