Plus Size Dress Hunt Disappointment

I am having such a hard time finding bridal stores that (1) have a decent plus size section and (2) will accommodate my 5-7 guests I anticipate will be coming with me to try on my gowns.  I posted in the local pages but hoping for some other tips and strategies for the bridal gown hunt when you are plus size.  Also if it the store selection forces me how do I reduce the guests to attend with me to wedding gown shopping without hurting feelings!

Re: Plus Size Dress Hunt Disappointment

  • Consider reducing your entourage first and foremost. Do you really need that many people with you just to try on dresses? Finding the right dress can be stressful enough by yourself, I can't even imagine having close to 10 people and their opinions with me while trying to look.

    As far as hurt feelings go, I guess I don't know who all you're planning to invite...but you may just have to tell the other people that they can come with you on other trips, or for future fittings once you've found your dress. Or just plain tell them no, you're sorry, the salon can only accommodate a few people (they don't have to know specifically who else is coming either), and that you'll send them pictures.

    As far as sizes, your best bet may be calling ahead to see what range of sample sizes the salon carries. They  may even be able to special order in some samples in larger sizes for you depending on what you're looking for. I think I only tried on a few dresses that actually fit/were able to zip up. Most salons will pin a sample dress to your shape.

  • Definitely reduce the size of your group coming with you.  It will save your sanity!  Take one or two trusted people, and tell the others that the shops cannot accommodate more than that.  Once you purchase your dress, take pictures and share with them!

    As for the sizing, definitely call shops ahead of time and ask approximately how many dresses they have in your size range.  It's frustrating for sure, but there are stores out there that have a decent selection.
  • I ditto the calling stores first to see what size samples they carry.  That helped limit my search quite a bit.  Also, be open to trying on styles you "think" you don't like.  When I was looking in magazines, online, etc I was all about the dresses with lace illusion backs and was not fond of a strapless corset gown.  Well guess what I ended up with?  Thats right, a strapless corset gown.  I ordered a lace bolero jacket to cover some of my problem areas I am not happy with and it also gives the look of the illusion back I wanted. 
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