It is official!!!

I am not sure how I feel about this. Happy but a bit mad.  :|
My mother in law gave me/us as a wedding gift the venue. We checked out a few places in New Rochelle. (ladies; lot's of venues there!!!   :p<3
Today she told me she booked the Surf Club. (I did mention I liked it) She will paid for everything (meaning the venue) which is why I am very happy but I am a bit mad that she did it and I don't know why. Should I be very thankful? Urg.
Anyway, It is official... check it out.

Re: It is official!!!

  • It's beautiful! You're probably just a bit mad because it's a major decision of the bride's and she made it for you. Taking care of the venue though is a huge cost. I would be mad, get over it quick, and be very thankful.

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  • That's great that she is offering to pay for your reception but did you discuss this with her before she booked it?  Is she going to make other major decisions about your wedding?  

    When is your date?
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  • Thank you @Blackbird230 I feel great today.  :) lol.
    @laurad75 no. but I am greatful today because our budget we had for other services just went up.  :) and I wasn't planning of getting a video but I  will no. she changed it but its ok.
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