August 2016 Weddings

2016 is here!

No more saying Aug of next year! Hope everyones planning is going well. 

Re: 2016 is here!

  • Yay! August 27 couldn't come soon enough! Is anyone following those "timeline" recommendations? My timeline is all over the place, lol.
  • edited January 2016
    A little bit, but not really.  It's nice to check things off and see what I've done, but that timeline doesn't take into account real life!  

    We booked our photographer the other night at a total steal.  I love the work he's done, but it's no longer his primary source of income so he doesn't charge as much as he used to, he said.

    Super excited!  My family has begun booking hotel rooms, I asked my bridesmaids this past week, invites are getting printed soon.  It feels like it's all coming together and August will be here in no time!!

    ETA we also picked up our wedding bands over Christmas, and I'm soooooo excited for them.
  • I been planning since December 2014 i kept saying 2016 will be so far away,ive come a long way, just booked the limo and got two prospects for cake and trying to make my invites, but i think our planning is pretty much done LOL
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