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grey and nude???

So I was originally planning on having my bridesmaids wear navy blue, and the groomsmen to wear grey suits with navy ties. Buuuuut I would really like my fiance to stand out among the groomsmen so we've decided that he will wear a navy blue suit.  So my dilemma is, now that the groom is wearing a navy suit (color palette of our wedding is navy, copper/goldish tones) I would like to switch the bridesmaid dresses to something other than navy.  I was thinking of having the girls wear a nude-ish/champagne color dress, groomsmen wear a grey suit with navy tie (to tie in the navy color) and the groom will wear a navy suit.  Does this sound okay??? Or have I completely lost it??  :s

Re: grey and nude???

  • Personally, it sounds a bit dreary.  JMHO.  While there is nothing wrong with the groom wearing a different color suit from the groomsmen, this is not traditional.  The groom usually has a different boutonniere from the groomsmen to distinguish him.
    I hope your flowers are going to be more colorful.
  • Maybe I should have mentioned that... 1. I am not super traditional and 2. I'm not a HUGE fan of bright colors.  I like more natural, earthy tones and darker tones as well. Plus it's our wedding right? I don't think there is a handbook on how to plan your wedding in all aspects. Thank you for your honest opinion though!
  • I don't think this needs to look dreary at all.  Neutrals are very popular in weddings right now and I think nude/champagne can look really pretty with grey if you get the tones right.  If you search "champagne bridesmaid grey groomsmen" on Pinterest, there are a lot of visual examples, including the 2 below.  You can play around with the tones and shades of the colors so it looks cohesive.  If the navy of your FI's suit will be a dark navy, I wouldn't go super pale with the BM/GM outfits or it may stick out as the only dark spot.  You can add navy touches elsewhere too, like ribbons on the BM bouquets or pocket squares for the guys.  If you are ok with a little sparkle, maybe look at rose gold/coppery dresses for the girls as an option too.

  • LOVE it!!! I looked on pinterest earlier and found a few pictures I liked as well that matched the first photo you pinned. I agree, I dont want him sticking out drastically, but just enough to show that he is the groom. For the guys I was thinking of navy ties and navy pocket squares.  I just think that if he wears navy then the girls can't wear navy, right? LOL! I feel like I had such a good plan but now my plan is veering off... Thanks for your help!  
  • that was another one of my concerns, champagne and nude on certain skin tones can make the color look completely different on each girl.  I personally would feel more comfortable in navy as well and I'm pretty positive a majority of the girls would feel the same, as where I have a few saying champagne would be nice.  Thank you for your help!
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    Maybe I should have mentioned that... 1. I am not super traditional and 2. I'm not a HUGE fan of bright colors.  I like more natural, earthy tones and darker tones as well. Plus it's our wedding right? I don't think there is a handbook on how to plan your wedding in all aspects. Thank you for your honest opinion though!
    Well, you did ask for opinions.  It is your wedding, but you need to consider the opinions of your attendants when choosing the color that they must wear.  I would like to point out that only two of the girls in that photo are wearing nude.  Others are wearing blush pink. a more flattering color, at least on me!
  • Well technically, there are no rules with colours. I think champagne would be fine for your BMs, if the colour works for them. A blush pink is also nice. I also think a gold/copper/metal toned dress would be nice too, but likely harder to find and probably more expensive. You could also do grey as well. 

    My cousin's wedding colours were grey and buttercup yellow. I can't remember if the groomsmen wore black suits (I think they did- the groom did) with yellow bouts, but I do remember that the BMs wore grey dresses with bring yellow bouquets. 

    Your BMs could still wear navy dresses though, too. Navy is a neutral, generally more pleasing to most skin tones. Everyone knows who the groom is ;). Other options for making him stand out include 3 vs. 2 piece suit, tie colour, pocket square colour, boutonniere colour/size. 

    Our wedding colours were navy, plum and lavender.

    DH wore a navy 3 piece suit with lavender tie. His groomsmen wore navy 2 piece suits with plum ties. DH and his groomsmen all wore dark purple boutonnieres. My MOH and BM wore navy dresses, with shades of purple in their bouquets. 

  • I would refuse to wear a nude dress. It looks hideous on me.
  • I liked that second photo that @frenchiekin posted above. Objectively, just in terms of colors, I think that navy and nude look fine together, you are not crazy. However, as it is true that quite a few ladies may not wish to wear nude colors or feel uncomfortable in them, definitely ask your bridesmaids for their honest opinions. I agree with @CMGragain that a light blush pink is a pretty and generally more favorable alternative. 

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  • I think navy dresses would still be fine with your FI in a navy suit. Even though I can tan well and don't have any issues with wearing certain colors, I'd definitely prefer navy over a beige colored dress
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    Your groom will still stand out even if your BMs are in navy dresses.  Navy is a far more appealing color for a lot of skin tones then a nude or champagne is.

  • Just putting in my two cents. Personally, I hate the way I look in champagne. I know I'm not alone in that. Navy is pretty universally flattering though. I also don't think it would be too much navy to have the groom and BMs wear it, since they'll look very different from each other.

  • You don't need to make the groom stand out by wearing a different color suit, I promise. He'll stand out... he's the groom. Everyone at the wedding will know he's the groom. Assuming your wedding guests will be friends and family, they will know what your groom looks like because they know him.  In photos, it'll be obvious he's the groom because he'll be the one standing next to you. Don't overthink this!

  • I bought and wore a champagne dress for a wedding and I hate how I look in it. I loved the dress but I tried it on in a dark color, and then when I got it in champagne I looked sick. I would much prefer to wear navy. If you have any fair skinned bridesmaids they probably agree. Also if you decide to ask them I'd word it as "which would you prefer navy or champagne?" because if you ask it "you wouldn't mind wearing champagne right?" they will feel pressured to say it's ok.

    Personally I think your groom will stick out fine with the BMs in navy. But if you don't think so I'd consider switching something smaller about his outfit to make him stand out a bit. For example our groomsmen and the groom all wore the same tux but the groomsmen wore hunter green vests and the groom wore a white vest. You could change the vest, tie, boutonniere, and/or pocket square to make him slightly different from groomsmen. 
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  • My BMs wore navy and the GM wore gray suits as did the groom. Everyone knew who he was, the one standing next to the bride.
  • I think PPs have given great suggestions, but if you aren't convinced, how about having the men all wearing navy suits with the groom wearing a champagne colored tie, and the GMs wearing navy ties?
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