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Hungover without drinking - Could my diet be at fault?

So I started calorie counting on Monday.  It's not the first time I've had a diet like this, but I woke up this morning feeling hungover, and I didn't drink!

I'm drinking 80oz of water a day, taking a multivitamin, and have been snacking on high protein, fairly clean foods throughout the day and finishing with a hearty 500 calorie dinner to reach 1,200 calories a day.

I've tried googling this but the results only show sugar hangovers, hangover cures, and the story about the dude whose stomach was fermenting alcohol.   I was wondering if any of you would have ideas.

Re: Hungover without drinking - Could my diet be at fault?

  • From my personal experience if I've had too little calories for too long of a time (severe unhealthy diet, I'm talking <500 calories a day) then I developed migraine headaches and was generally shaky and very weak. However you had 1200 which if you're on the smaller side is a totally healthy amount.

    I've also felt hungover if I don't drink enough water the day before but you've also covered that you drank plenty. That coupled with the fact you've never had this issue before leads me to think that this is unrelated to your diet and maybe you're just sick with something? 

    Another idea maybe it's something specific in the food you did eat that your body is reacting to? Are any of them foods you don't normally eat? 
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  • I don't know that I'm smaller sized but I'll take it! I'm fairly average in size- pant size 14.

    Yesterday I had a banana, spinach shake, peanuts, a no bake energy bar, and for dinner a lean hamburger patty with goat cheese, tomatoes and sweet potato.  The day before I had a hard boiled egg, no bake energy ball, banana smoothie, and chicken cacciatore.

    Maybe I should try an airborne as a preventive measure.  I hope I'm not getting sick!  Thanks for your input.
  • Are you tracking with my fitness pal?  Maybe you aren't eating enough calories for your height and weight.

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  • I am - they recommended 1200 calories a day.  I'm averaging that over the course of the week because some days I'm slightly under and some days I'm slightly over.  Yesterday was slightly under because my dinner plans changed and I was saving up for dinner.  Maybe I should go slightly over today and see how I feel.
  • Is your body used to getting more sugar and caffeine than you are consuming this week?  I quit drinking soda a few years ago and definitely went through withdraw symptoms.  I usually drink Chai Latte's in the morning.  This week I've been switching to regular tea to avoid the high calories & sugar... it's been 3 days and today I am definitely feeling it.  So, it may not be so much a lack of calories, but a lack of some of those unhealthy elements that your body gets addicted to.  


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    I usually have a Diet Coke at lunch so yes, I'm missing that! But I normally only have 2 caffeinated beverages a (ETF) a day.

    After FI got home noises started to bother me. He was talking on the phone (about Union stuff so he was fired up and loud) and the TV was on and then my phone rang and I realized it was like a migraine but with a lesser degree headache so I went to bed around 8:30, and feel great this morning. Who knows?! I'm due for my physical so I'll mention it to my doctor but I have a feeling my new diet change after 2 weeks of significant indulgence is probably to blame.

    Thanks for everyone's input. Fingers crossed it was a one and done!
  • The only time I've felt like that is when I was dehydrated after a long run, or a shorter run in the humidity. It is weird!! 

    It could be from changing your diet- removal of sugar or caffeine. 1200 calories is the minimum you'd want to go, and if you are exercising a lot, it might not be enough for you. 

    Do you have a way you could measure your blood sugar? Some years ago, I went through this episode where I would feel sickish during the day- not hungover, but just off. My dad checks his blood sugar daily, so I borrowed his machine for a few days- my blood sugar runs low, but it is still in the normal range... so not that. Never did figure it out, but it eventually stopped. Assumed maybe my body was fighting something off. 

    I would keep a diary to track your symptoms. What time it starts, how long it lasts, what you're eating and when. See if there is any link. Perhaps you just need to change your meal times/ spread your calories around differently. 
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