Receiving Line?

Our wedding is quite large, about 250 guests! I'm trying to figure out how or IF we should do a receiving line following the ceremony? Would it be rude to just leave? Greeting everyone would take so much time! Any ideas or alternatives?

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    It's fine to not have a receiving line, as long as you thank every guest for coming at some point in the night.  The receiving line makes it convenient and ensures you don't miss someone.

    If you have a sit-down dinner, you can go from table to table while people are eating.

    Another option I've heard, although I don't know that these would guarantee you reach every person:
    • Having a sweetheart table where the couple sits and people come talk to you, during the reception
    • Standing near the bar and talking to people in line for drinks (this assumes that every person will be visiting the bar)
    With 250 people, it sounds like it would be much less stressful to just have a smooth-flowing (i.e., a quick thank you, no long convos) reception line.  It's not like you want to be worrying throughout the night with a mental checklist of who you've thanked.

    I don't know why you asked this to the Toronto-specific board, but I've heard negative comments from some when Toronto weddings don't have receiving lines.  One guest felt a bit awkward because she went the majority of the reception without ever having met the groom.  She only was introduced to him after she made a comment to the FOB.
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